How to make Slideshow

            [Japanese version is HERE]

Slideshow is the automated display system on PC or HP, for photos taken by digital camera.
Simple photo viewer tool generally has a button for automated continuous display.
But too simple! And you can not use this tool on internet Web site.
So, you may want to have some tool, which can be used for local PC and internet Web site.
OK! I will introduce for you the tool, which will satisfy all these requirements.
I will show you the required functions step by step with JavaScript tool developed by myself.

1. Is there any good way to show a bunch of photos on my HP?
  If you want to upload a bunch of photos on your HP, you may want to do it with something like Slideshow style.
  Simpliest style will be like this. Sample01

2. Control Bar
  Well done! But there is no control for display such as Start/Stop/Backward/Forward/Single Step/Resume.
  You may also need to have Progress-Bar, how the show is progressing.
  So, you may want Control Bar for the show. Sample02

3. Enjoy music on background
  You may also want to have background music for the Slideshow. Sample03

4. Music Control Bar
  Yes. You may also want to have Control Bar for background music, which controls, such as,
  Volume control/Mute/Start/Stop/Forward & Backward Skip.
  But, sometimes it's not necessary to have 2 Control bars. You are right! There is an option for Control bar to display on screen.
  The Slideshow Control bar Start/Stop button synchronously controls Audio bar Start/Stop button.
  So, it's OK to have one. Sample04
  Note: Under the Smart Phone/Tablet OS, even though "Auto play" is specified, it will not automatically start the music by default.
  You need to start manually. Because of this fact, the control bar is mandatory.
  Current browser, both PC and smart phone, has audio control function in browser. Therefore, omitting Audio Control Bar will release
  more application display space, especially in smart phone environment, and is recommended.   

5. Display time for each frame
  Instead of fixed time of interval for changing frame, you may want to have a feature that can be set any time for individual frame.
  For the above example, each frame interval was 1 second. Now default interval is set to 5 seconds,
  and some frame now has 10 seconds. You can verify that the progress bar now has a proportional length for each frame. Sample05
  progress bar

6. Title and Credit frame
  You may want to have Title frame in the beginning, and Credit frame at the end of show,
  which will describe the nature of the show. Sample06

7. Synchronization with music and show
  It is not always necessary to have a synchronization with the background music, but in the case of wedding ceremony, for example,
  it is nice to have the background music fanfare synchronizes with the bride entrance from the door,
  or the end of the show synchronizes with the end of music.
  It is possible to do that with the use of interval time adjustment for frame, but this method is very cumbersome if the insertion
  or deletion of the frame occurs. If you have several synchronization points, it almost impossible to maintain.
  So, instead of using interval time for frame, assignment of the start time to the frame will cover this problem.
  The tool provides the conversion method between interval/start time modes switching visvasa. Sample07

8. Comment and Date for each frame
   You may want to have Comment and Date description text for each frame, not only on Title and Credit frame. Sample08

9. Text effect for Title/Comment/Date
  You may need to have the ability to use various text effect feature such as Font/Color/Movement/Fade
  for the Title/Comment/Date text. Sample09
  Ref:What is text effect
  The following figure depicts all of the Slideshow supported effects
      Text Effect
  The HTML tag can be embed into text, you can enjoy, not only changing different font, but also by using AUDIO, VIDEO, IMG tag
  you can add various effects and make the frame attractive.   In this Sample09, some different font sets are used in title and credit frames, and also text with shadow effect is used.

10. What about Zooming/Panning/Scrolling
  This feature enables still image of photos to give movement and gives look and feel of a video movie, and animates. Sample10
  Ref:What is Pan/Zoom/Scroll
  The following figure shows all the Slideshow supported features.

11. What about the transition effect between frame change
  You may want the transition effect between frame change, and make the show fancy. Sample11
  Microsoft IE (IE Document Mode up to Ver8) has 23 kinds of Reveal Transition, and Blend Transition supports.
  Note: As Microsoft does not support these functions after IE8, this Slideshow now support the same functionality,
  using CSS3 and Javascript. On the other hand, these functions are not supported for older IE versions by this Slideshow.
  Ref:What is Reveal Transition
  The following figure shows all Slideshow supported effects.
  The Transition is the image effect applied to the photos at the time of frame switching.
  Note:You may using latest version of the browser, and not be able to see the effects.
  Microsoft is discontinuing old proprietary features from latest IE version.
  If we use HTA instead of HTML, it will OK. But, HTA file will not be launched from Internet directly,
  which is the way of general setting. Therefore it is needed to launch from local.
  For the convenience, is HERE. After clicking, please select ”OPEN”and then execute HTA locally.
  Ref:What is HTA
  Actually, HTA file is same as of HTML with the difference of file extension, the contents is same.
  The HTA application is generally used on local PC and/or corporate Intranet, and provided some privilege over HTML.
  Therefore HTA will be able to do more than HTML, as far as security concerned.
  That's why Internet direct execution is prohibited because of because of this reason.

12. Not only 3:4 sized frame, but what about HD(9:16) sized photo frame
  This sample is using High Definition (9:16) frame. Standard frame(3:4) sample: Sample12

13. Music File (.MP3) is not easy to use -Royality problem concerns
  YouTubeMP3 file is generally used for background music, but MP3 file may have royality.
  You have no need to worry about the royalty problem.
  You can use the music which is published on YouTube.
  We can find many YouTube, which is posted with using background music,
  so we will play that Youtube underneath of the show and we can use only
  the background audio music from that without using video portion. It is legal(?). Sample13
  Youtube control bar

  Note: Youtube control bar used to be displayed like this, but because of the recent Youtube UI change, displayed differently.
  (Ref: Update3 comment)

14. Want to see other samples
  The following example slideshow is using YouTube music for Flamenco dance with Guitar,
  my hobby, Flamenco Guitar is here. Flamenco
  Another sample is also here named "Four seasons in Japan", Demo1 and Demo2 in Japanese text script.

15. Slideshow seems to have many options. Can I override the option parameter(s) at runtime
  Yes. For example, the Audio control-bar or Slideshow control-bar display can be set ON/OFF,
  or default duration timer for frame change can be set to different time.
  All the options specified on uploaded Html file can be overrided at runtime.
  This will be very convenient to re-use the uploaded site content for other purpose, such as,
  embedding to Blog or other WEB site. Calling sequence format is like this; http://xyz.html#option2=0;1,option3=0;1.
  Parameter(s) follows after # mark and can be set as many as you want with separating ',' (comma).
  The following Slideshow is an iFrame embeded sample using demo1-eng.html,
  with No Audio Control and Slideshow Autoplay is set to OFF.
  This Slideshow is now waiting Start Resume Button or Single Step Forward Button to proceed next,
  and the music is not auto-played.

16. Viola! I wanna use this
  No need to have the knowledge about HTML nor Javascript. Only you need to do is to prepare the list of photos,
  music file, and the display option for each frame. That's it! All others are taken cared by JavaScript Library "slideshow.js".
  No need to download the "slideshow.js" file, though. As same as sample HTMLs on this page,
  server will take care all of the show functions for you.
  I'll show you the sample04.html. You can't see much coding here. HTML Sample-Sample04.html
  Inside the <head> tag, there are 13 option parameters (speed to option9), which are possible to replace
  at the execution time, if desired. Each line has a comment attached at the end of line and is self-explanatory.
  The "data[n]=" lines are defining photo frames. The "data[n]=" line which does not have photo file name is displayed
  with gray, and generally can be used for Title and Credit screens.
  The text and image effect option parameters description is HERE, but picturized figures on this page will be easier
  to understand.
  If you want to use JavaScript Library "slideshow.js" It is HERE. But, if you only want to use it,
  you even no need to download "slideshow.js". You only need to insert one line in the body tag as seen on the sample.
  Then, you can enjoy the free maintenance from possible update and/or enhancement, automatically.
  Thus, you can make your own slideshow, but there is no application program to load, and no need to install anything.
  If you don't like to make minimum 30 lines of HTML file by "notepad", HERE is the empty template file for you.
  Copy and Paste to notepad and add images(photos), add/modify parameters as you like it.
17. More simple way
  Movie Maker to Slideshow Conversion ToolSome time, some people even don't know what Notepad is.
  They have little knowledge about programming sense.
  For those who don't have the ability, there is another simple way to achieve this goal,
  only by clicking mouse button.
  Microsoft is releasing, as you know, Windows Live Movie Maker for free.
  The Movie Maker is easy to make a slideshow, and once project is done, the tool I have developed,
  Movie Maker to Slideshow Conversion Tool, will convert to slideshow for you.
  You can not upload Movie Maker itself to Internet without conversion to some video encoded format,
  such as MP4. But video formatted file sometime becomes hundreds MB size, and will eatup most of your Web site space, at once.
  For example, Sample11, a 3 munites slideshow has about 2.3MB file size, but the video captured file size is 73.9MB,
  about 32 times larger than original size. For your reference, the MP4 version of this show is HERE.
  Interested? You can download Movie Maker to Slideshow Conversion Tool - wlmp2html from HERE.
  Tool is quite simple and no manual will be required. But, the story that I happened to develop this tool
  is written on my Blog HERE. If you are interested with this tool, I will suggest you to read the article for this tool.

    Movie Maker to Slideshow Conversion Tool

18. Future enhancement
  Up tp HTML5, each Browser has different support functions, and different way of interpretations.
  Even in same maker, different version have had an incompatible problem and different interpretation.
  All makers are trying to make compatible between Browsers with the use of HTML5, as a standard.
  The new CSS3 or later CSS will standardize the Transition or Filer Effect.
  I've tested slideshow with using Microsoft IE and Google Chrome, and internally I am checking Browser maker
  difference and version's difference, and acting upon accordingly for compatibility, such as the case of
  the Microsoft proprietary Transition and Filter Effect. Also, even in Microsoft IE, from IE9 began to take
  HTML5 as a standard, and old proprietary API support is discouraged/discontinued.
  In case of necessary, the Quirks Mode or explicit <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8">
  compatibility declaration is used.

  Update1: From the time of this initial development, Microsoft have released revised versions of
  IE10, IE11, IE12(SPARTAN) and now the latest IE (Windows 10 SPARTAN) is discontinued to use
  the Document Mode model, and the use of old version by <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=n">
  tag is going to be invalid, and trying to support only the latest standard of HTML5.
  As W3C trying to standardize the CSS further, I will revise "slideshow.js" based on these activities
  and will eliminate the legacy APIs.
  Update2: Microsoft IE (up to Ver8) supports 23 kinds of Reveal Transition, and Blend Transition, and this
  "slideshow.js" have used that functionality. But now updated to support these functions without using Microsoft proprietary APIs,
  and achieved the same functionality with using CSS3/HTML5 and javascript. So, the latest IE or Google Chrome can enjoy this feature.
  On the other hand, as old IE versions do not support CSS3/HTML5, these functions are just disabled.
  Update3: Because of the UI change in Youtube, the small window of video screen is now displayed on the same place of Control-bar.
  To avoid this, 'no controls' option is recommended by setting option2="0;1";. But the inconvenient side effect of this setting is;
  Under the Smart Phone/Tablet OS, even though "Auto play" is specified, it will not automatically start the music by default.
  You need to start manually. Because of this fact, the control bar is mandatory.
  Update4: Microsoft new Edge browser and Google Chrome browser support.
  As old Microsoft IE versions are discouraged to use, this Library is currently maintained only for Edge and Chrome browsers.

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